TSCRA CATTLEMEN'S COLUMN: Fighting Someone Else’s ‘Good Idea’ for Our Land

Fighting Someone Else’s ‘Good Idea’ for Our Land

By: Gerald Nobles, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association director, Property Rights and Tax Committee member 

My family and I closed a chapter in our lives when we sold the last piece of our ranch just outside of Midland. My grandchildren were the sixth generation to have the privilege of taking care of that piece of the world. We are still ranching, but we have moved to McCulloch County, leaving behind good memories of the ranch and some bitter memories of facing a cadre of entities that had ideas how our land should be used. 

For over a decade, we stood against pipeline companies wanting to run their easements across our property on routes that were to their benefit and not ours. 

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TEXAS FARM BUREAU: Texas agriculture groups push for eminent domain fairness

November 1, 2016

Gene Hall, Director of Public Relations for Texas Farm Bureau

Fairness is a concept that influences human and business relationships. Without it, those relationships break down. That is exactly what has happened with eminent domain law in Texas, according to representatives from 16 Texas agricultural groups seeking eminent domain reform.

The first of several meetings organized by Texans for Property Rights was held in Jourdanton Thursday, Oct 27.

Landowners were briefed on the current state of eminent domain law and the efforts to change it in the next session of the Texas Legislature. The new coalition will push for a law that would require property-taking condemning entities that lose in court to pay the legal costs of affected property owners.

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SAN ANGELO STANDARD-TIMES: Eminent domain big concern for landowners

Although laws have been passed to improve the use of eminent domain in the Lone Star State, many landowners still experience abuses by the entities that exercise this extreme power, according to Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Texas Farm Bureau and Texas Wildlife Association.

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