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Improvements have been made in past years to Texas’ eminent domain laws to better protect private property rights. The voter approved amendment to the Texas Constitution in 2009 prohibited the taking of private property for economic development, and Senate Bill 18 in 2011 made changes to the condemnation process, but eminent domain remains at the forefront of concerns for Texas landowners.    

Unfortunately, Texas landowners continue to struggle with an unbalanced set of laws that are at odds with a state known for private property rights. Despite past efforts, condemning entities continue to hold an unfair advantage over landowners who are forced to sell their property without truly being made whole when their property is taken. In Texas, where about 95 percent of the land is privately owned, our legal system should better protect landowners.

Texas landowners recognize that the state’s population is growing at a rapid pace. There is an increasing need for more land for public resources such as energy and transportation. But landowners also recognize that their property rights must be better protected, not only for themselves, but also for future generations.

Texans take great pride in their land, and they don’t want to see their private property rights taken advantage of. The condemnation process is not a willing buyer and willing seller transaction. It’s a legally forced sale. Therefore, it’s necessary to make further improvements to the laws that govern the use of eminent domain so Texas landowners can have more assurance that this process is fair and respectful of their private property rights when they are forced to sell their land.

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